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Four years of diligent effort, research of successful comparable bills, and support from former Senator Andy Manar, and Turing Strategies, HB1819 and SB1819, which creates the "Rural Education Advisory Council" has been filed in both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly.

Special thanks to Representative Sue Scherer and Senator David Koehler for filing this bill on behalf of all Illinois rural and small schools.

As a part of the ongoing effort to fulfill one of the three primary goals of AIRSS - serving as the VOICE for rural and small schools - this bill is designed to ensure that rural and small schools have the same equitable seat at the table, provide a platform for dialogue and debate, and work to erase the disenfranchisement that exists in our rural schools and communities.

Click here to view House and Senate Bill 1819 online.

Thank you to the following Senators and Representatives for their support of the bill. Please reach out to these individuals and thank them for their support and please reach out to your respective Senator and Representative and encourage them to consider signing on as a co-sponsor or at least support by voting for HB1819 and SB1819.

Sen. David Koehler  Chief Sponsor (Filed By)
Rep. Sue Scherer Chief Sponsor (Filed By)
Sen. Karina Villa Chief Co-Sponsor
Sen. Scott M. Bennett Co-Sponsor
Sen. Patrick J. Joyce Co-Sponsor

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