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Dr. Patrick Mark Twomey, President


Dr. Patrick M. Twomey began his educational career in 1997 as a sixth grade teacher in Macomb, Illinois. It was a second career for him as he had spent the previous seventeen years in the plastics business. As a new teacher he worked closely with the principal to pilot the district’s first inclusion classroom. At the time it was not called inclusion however it was a tremendous success for everyone involved. Dr. Twomey then went to the nearby community of Canton, Illinois where he served as an assistant principal of the 1200 student Ingersoll Middle School. While there he introduced Positive Behavior, Interventions and Support (PBIS) to the system. It was an instant success, greatly reducing behavior issues and creating a climate of positive relationships. Ingersoll quickly became a PBIS demonstration school and mentored many other schools with the PBIS implementation process. After four years at Ingersoll, Dr. Twomey returned to Macomb, Illinois to accept the position of high school assistant principal as a transition to becoming the principal. He attended an intense training on Professional Learning Communities with Dr. DuFour and then implemented PLC’s in Macomb. They are now an integral part of the school improvement process in the entire school district. As a result of his doctoral studies, he created “The United States Rural School Safety Project.” The project is designed to create safer learning environments in rural and small school districts throughout the U.S. His work was published in an article in the December 2012 “Law Enforcement Executive Forum Magazine.” Recently, Dr. Twomey has gained national attention as a pioneer of the flipped classroom. He is the first superintendent in the country to transform the traditional content delivery model of an entire high school in just 100 days. The objectives once lectured about during class, are now delivered outside of the classroom via a video, reading assignment, or an engaging question needing research. Traditional homework is now completed with other students and the expertise of the content area teacher during class. Dr. Twomey believes there is nothing that impacts human life more than a quality education, and firmly believes that every child is entitled to just that….a quality education! His education philosophy is quite simple. We must meet or exceed the individual needs of every student every day…period.

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