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Welcome to the AIRSS (Association of Illinois Rural and Small Schools) web page. The Association was chartered in 1987 with the purpose of presenting a unified effort to promote educational excellence in rural and small schools in Illinois. In 1994, LOCON (Local Control) merged with and became an affiliate of AIRSS to solidify us as the ONLY statewide organization that helps to promote and enhance education in rural and small schools in every community and location of Illinois.


Our emphasis is to give identity, voice and recognition to rural and small schools and their local communities.


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Recent News - AIRSS and Central States Bus Sales Announce Exclusive New Partnership to Support Illinois Rural and Small Schools

On the road between our rural and small schools one of, if not the most important job we do is the transportation of our students.  The miles of morning and afternoon regular routes, the many stops and starts along the way, and the many hours and miles of extracurricular bus trips for band, sports, clubs and academic trips, require the best we can offer in transportation safety and reliability.

AIRSS is committed to its goal to provide access to quality education and transportation is a vital part of the educational process for our children.  AIRSS is excited to announce an exclusive partnership with Central States Bus Sales Inc.

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On his recent visit to “The Hill” AIRSS Executive Director David Ardrey and first term Congressman Mike Bost share a lighter moment as they discuss issues that impact our rural communities and schools.